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Any new or experienced moms can agree that it requires a lot of work, time, emotion, and energy to attend to a baby's needs. But who is going to attend to your needs and responsibilities while you take care of your newborn?

After birth can cause anxiety for a mom and the rest of the family, whether this is your first or third child. Helping Hands Care Services can lend a helping hand so you can focus on what matters the most. We can assist you during your pregnancy and/or after you bring your bundle of joy home. 🤗 Contact us today for a free assessment.

Who We Are

Helping Hands Care Services is a locally owned and operated Home-care agency in (Baldwin County) of Alabama. 

We specialize in helping seniors and individuals with special needs live safer and more independent. We do this by providing attentive services from our qualified professionals who have undergone extensive screening and in-house training to ensure our high standards of care is met

We seek to bring healing to people who have been through a stressful experience, help them achieve healthy perceptions of themselves, and strengthen their relationships so they can develop and increase their self-love. 


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide 24/7 superior quality home-care services to all of our clients. We ensure that every client is treated with respect, dignity, and compassion by our highly competent team of health professionals in the privacy and comfort of their own home.

Why Choose Us

  • We offer free in-home and Telephone consultation.

  • We provide care for clients without having them leave the comfort of their home.

  • We perform criminal background checks and drug tests on all new hires and employees.

  • We charge a flat rate per hour with no hidden fees. 

  • We provide personal care services 24/7 with a minimum of 1 hour per day.

  • Our prices match those of any local licensed agency in Baldwin County.

  • We are on call 24/7 for emergency service whether client wants personal care or a sitter for date night.

  • We give flexible care options for our clients and staff.  

  • We can stop our services anytime with no strings attached.

  • We arrange transportation for our clients.

  • We offer services at better rates compared to competitors. 

  • We work closely with families to ensure the client/s receive the best care possible.

  • We work with insurance companies to help clients figure out how they can get the best out of their insurance policy.

  • We meet our clients face to face to ensure they are happy with our services.

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